Powerful ingredients with multipurpose properties

Key Microbiome ingredients

Improves skin moisture retention. Smoothening. Helps minimize the appearance of aged skin and skin damage. Protects the skin and speeds up wound healing. With prebiotic stimulating effects.

A strong stimulant with a prebiotic approach and probiotic effect. Supports the growth of lactobacilli and blocks the invasion of fx fungi, boosting and arming the skin microbiota barrier.

A powerful peptide with a prebiotic approach and probiotic effect. Stimulates the natural probiotic skin activity. Boost the skin's own defense system. It is a unique microbiome stimulating active that helps to rebalance skin health for optimal skin wellbeing.

A very powerful natural molecule of amino acids offering a multitude of benefits: cell protection, anti-pollution, wrinkle improvement, long-term hydration and skin barrier repair, anti-inflammatory, whitening, and lightening. With prebiotic approach and probiotic effect.

A protection molecule, cell-energizer, and re-activation booster with a positive influence on the skin microbiome. Efficacy: anti-aging, cell-boosting, energizing, vitalizing, nourishing. Prebiotic effects with potentially positive effects on the natural healthy microbiome. 

A highly effective AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) moisturizer formulated with NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) amino acid components.  Helps skin cell renewal. With prebiotic stimulating effects

A glycerin-based soothing and anti-irritant ingredient especially suitable for hypersensitive and intolerant skin. An active with prebiotic stimulating effect to support of our natural skin microbiota.

Powerful microbiome bioactive to avoid harmful skin bacteria and promote the good bacteria. Treatment of oily acne-prone skin, regulation of sebum, and skin imperfections.  Known as the "the Microbiome Communication Hacker" and the "new anti-acne mechanism of action".

Peptides and natural moisturizers

A widely known and recognized peptide for firstimpression wrinkles. A unique anti-wrinkle peptide to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles effectively. 

Restore the collagen levels of youth and mature skin. Boosts the collagen synthesis maintaining an adequate long-lasting collagen function that will ensure healthy and youthful skin.

Extremely high-efficacy amino acid peptide (Tetrapeptide), with double efficacy, reduces dark circles and puffy eyebags. 99% naturality according to ISO 16128 and designed explicitly for eyecare.

It is a natural humectant, and it preserves the elasticity and the firmness of the skin, with its moisture retention properties, giving skin a softer feel and more youthful appearance.

Marine actives

This marine active provides an immediate and long-lasting moisturising effect to the skin as well as an instant improvement in wrinkle appearance in the same way as Hyaluronic Acids.

Strong effect against dark circles. Strong protective action against pollution and environmental stress. Intense protective shield for our skin against indoor and urban dust.

Helps strengthen skin while restoring its natural suppleness, radiance, and beauty. A powerful anti-wrinkle active proven to significantly increase collagen synthesis.

A significant active marine ingredient. Lessens eyebags and dark circles. Smooth eye contour lines and provides glow for a younger look.

Natural antioxidants

A regenerating, soothing antioxidant with a high concentration of flavonoids, which stimulate the skin repair process. Ideal to reduce and calm irritation.

A strong stimulating anti-irritant. With calming effect, anti-aging benefits, reduced inflammation, acne treatment, dark circles, after-sun care. An active with prebiotic stimulating effect.

A nutritional plant extract and effectful eye care natural ingredient with soothing effect on tired, swollen, or irritated eyes.

A super strong, rich in stabilized polyphenols (>95%). Combat aging: re-oxygenates the skin, fighting against oxidative stress, protects skin from photoaging, and prevents aging induced by UV.

An extremely nutritional and active oil known for its strong antioxidant effects and helps protect the skin against sunlight. Squalane moisturizes and softens your skin. 

Plantsil is our alternative to silicone, a vegetable-based softening oil from olive with excellent spreadability. Its long-lasting silky feel creates a satin effect on skin. Leaves the skin uniquely soft. 

Ideal for sensitive skin. Known to reduce inflammatory reactions. Protects and clam irritation.

Stimulating Vitamins

Moisturizing, calming, and with anti-aging effect. Vitamin B3 helps to control sebum production and stimulate collagen synthesis. With prebiotic stimulating effect.

Has natural antioxidant effects. Known to be the most important skin-protective vitamin. It makes the skin soft and smooth and helps to reduce irritation of the skin.

Nourishing oils

It contains essential fatty acids important to help avoid early aging and the loss of skin elasticity. Tocopherols also confer to this oil excellent skin protective, softening, and anti-drying properties.

Nourishing and softening oil with exceptional skin feel.

A powerful antioxidant for the skin. Softens, moisturizes, and nourishes. It increases skin elasticity, helps to cure her inflammatory reactions, and helps to slow down the signs of aging.

Macadamia oil is one of the most nutritious oils, rich in vitamins and minerals. It is absorbed very quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film. Leaving the skin silky soft, hydrated and softened.

Rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A and E, is well known for its beneficial effects on the skin. It hydrates, nourishes, soothes, and protects against adverse weather.

Contains a high concentration in omega 9 and omega 6, playing a role in skin regeneration. Moisturising, nourishing and soothing properties and particularly adapted to sensitive skins.

Ocean- and coral reef-friendly

Some sun creams contain ingredients that damage delicate coral reef systems.
Rebiome sunscreen filters do not harm the ocean and are coral reef-friendly.

Organic UV-filter used to absorb UVB radiation. It is an outstanding UVB filter with high absorptivity. It has excellent photo stability and compatibility with other UV absorbers.

Broad-spectrum filter efficiently boosts UVB and UVA protection at low concentrations. Organic and inorganic UV filters. Photostable, effective, and long-lasting protection against UVA radiation. 

Protection from the sun's dangerous UVA rays. Outstanding protection from free radicals and skin damage. The filter qualifies for EU UVA-PF/SPF recommendation. Free from preservatives.

Added pigments with strong UVA absorbing capabilities and superior ability to protect the skin from ultraviolet light.

Real-live probiotic bacteria

Live Probiotics string bacteria culture

Documented string of Lactobacillus probiotics (m.biomeLiveSkin88™) guarantees +8 billion active live bacteria at the time of activation. Uniquely adding bacteria to the skin microbiome to help rebalance the skin flora for a healthy skin balance and optimal skin wellbeing. 

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